Space Research & Planetary Sciences (WP)


Bachelor Thesis: Studies of elemental and isotopic composition to get an insight to age and formation processes of planetary materials

From the measurements of molecular and elemental/isotopic composition one can learn about the formation processes of the solar bodies, one can determine formation and transformation times and get an insight to possible past and current life processes on the planetary surfaces. We have designed a miniature mass spectrometer (LMS) with laser ion source that measures the chemical composition of solid materials. These can be stones, organic deposits, meteorites, or ancient fossils in minerals. LMS has also capabilities for detailed investigations of extraterrestrial samples including meteorites or sample returned from the surfaces of solar bodies by space missions. LMS is planned to be used to search for fossils on the surface of Mars.

We are looking for a talented and motivated person who enjoys experimental physics and have interest in the application of the mass spectrometric methods to study the age of meteorites, search for biomarkers or find the molecular composition of the surface deposits.

Applicants should contact:
PD Dr. Marek Tulej, +41 31 631 44 19


Prof. Dr. Peter Wurz, +41 31 631 44 26