Space Research & Planetary Sciences (WP)


Master thesis: Analysis of new materials for space detectors

In this Master thesis, you are working on two space missions: JUICE and IMAP. JUICE is an ESA mission that investigates the icy moons of Jupiter, and IMAP is a NASA mission that aims at further exploring the boundaries of our solar system. Both space probes will have particle detectors on board to measure neutral oxygen and hydrogen. To measure these neutral particles, they have to be ionised by hitting a charge state conversion surface. With the ILENA test facility, new materials for such conversion surfaces can be investigated. Your task will be to replace the current particle detector of ILENA and to investigate new charge state conversion surfaces. To be more specific, you will:

  • do the hardware installation of the new detector into the vacuum chamber
  • connection and initiation of the detector
  • write data analysis software
  • test new charge state conversion surfaces


For further information, please contact:

Prof. Peter Wurz,

Dr. André Galli,