Directions & Maps

There are several international airports in Switzerland:

Zurich International Airport

Geneva International Airport

International Airport Basel/Mulhouse

Flughafen Bern-Belp


There leaves an Intercity train from train stations inside the airport buildings in Zurich and Geneva at least twice every hour. When you arrive at the airport in Basel/Mulhouse a bus takes you to the main train station in Basel. From there you have direct train connections to Bern. Travel times and fares for round-trip tickets are as follows:

- Zurich airport to Bern: 1 hour 15 minutes, CHF 110.- for 2nd class and CHF 194.- for 1st class

- Geneva airport to Bern: 2.0 hours, CHF 110.- for 2nd class and CHF 194.- for 1st class

- Basel/Mulhouse airport to Bern: 1.5 hours, CHF 88.80.- for 2nd class and CHF 148.80.- for 1st class

Tickets can be purchased with Swiss cash. MasterCard or VISA are also accepted. Please note that two one-way tickets are significantly more expensive than one round-trip ticket. An online timetable is available.

Bern's local airport, Flughafen Bern-Belp, is located a 20-minute shuttle ride from the city center. It has connections to several European cities, e.g. London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt/Main.

Switzerland has got a dense railway network with good connections also to its neighbor countries. Public transport in general is of high standard. Travelling by train is quite comfortable and recommended very much. Below you can find links to national railway companies.

If you arrive at Bern rail station, walk along the platform to the underpass in the direction 'Universität Länggasse'. At the end of the underpass you see three elevators. Take one to the top floor. Turning right around the elevator-building, you are facing the main University building, on the right side there is a modern building with various astronomical instruments on the roof. This is the building 'Exakte Wissenschaften' where our institute is located. (Note also the turquoise guideposts: Our building is number 5 'Exakte Wissenschaften').

Inside the building follow the signs leading you to the indicated room. Our division's secretariat is situated in room 014 (ground floor).

If you want to learn more about trolleybusses and trams in the city of Bern, visit the home page of Bernmobil (in German).

If you come by by car, it will be best to leave the motorway at the exit 'Bern Neufeld' or 'Bern Forsthaus'. The routes from the motorway exits to the institute are accurately described below. Be sure to have a parking disk with you. You will need it in order to park in the so called 'Blue Zones'. However, at most times parking in blue zones is limited to one and a half hours. Longer lasting parking permits (4 hours / 24 hours) for the blue zone are available from ticket machines at many bus stops for CHF 8.-/CHF 15.- . Using a public multi-story car park (in German) is possible though quite expensive.

Exit 'Bern Neufeld': Drive in direction 'Zentrum' on 'Neubrückstrasse' until you reach a roundabout. Take the first exit off this roundabout into 'Mittelstrasse'. After three blocks turn left into 'Gesellschaftsstrasse'. The building straight ahead is the 'Exakte Wissenschaften'. Please note: There is a multi-story car park right at the exit 'Bern Neufeld': Park + Ride Neufeld (in German).

Exit 'Bern Forsthaus': Drive in direction 'Tierspital' on 'Bremgartenstrasse' until you reach a roundabout. Take the third exit off this roundabout into 'Länggassstrasse'. After about 800 meters (You just passed the building 'Uni Tobler' on your right) turn left on a traffic light into 'Mittelstrasse'. After one block turn right into 'Gesellschaftsstrasse'. The building straight ahead is the 'Exakte Wissenschaften'.

To get more information about the location have a look at the Maps section.

The following detailed map of the environment of our institute can be found on the university maps page. Our institute is located in the 'ExWi' building on the right. Right below to the left there is the university main building.

The sites and provide the possibility to search the map detail corresponding to any given address in Switzerland.