Research Groups

Theoretical Astrophysics and Planetary Science (TAPS)

Numerical data

Below, "Bern EXoplanet" (BEX) cooling tracks for planets from 5 Earth masses to 2 Jupiter masses including magnitudes together with the applied filter profiles and Vega spectrum can be downloaded. They were published in E. F. Linder et. al, 2019;  Evolutionary models of cold and low-mass planets: Cooling curves, magnitudes, and detectability.

Cooling curves


This simple Fortran program implements the fit for the luminosity as a function of time of low-mass planets described in Appendix A of Mordasini 2019.

The archive file below contains posterior samples for all the population-level relations from the paper: Evidence of Three Mechanisms Explaining the Radius Anomaly of Hot Jupiters by Sarkis+2020 (3 MB).