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Emsenhuber, Alexandre; Asphaug, Erik; Cambioni, Saverio; Gabriel, Travis S. J.; Schwartz, Stephen R.; Melikyan, Robert E.; Denton, C. Adeene (2024). A New Database of Giant Impacts over a Wide Range of Masses and with Material Strength: A First Analysis of Outcomes. The planetary science journal, 5 IOP Publishing 10.3847/PSJ/ad2178

Burn, Remo; Mordasini, Christoph; Mishra, Lokesh; Haldemann, Jonas; Venturini, Julia; Emsenhuber, Alexandre; Henning, Thomas (2024). A radius valley between migrated steam worlds and evaporated rocky cores. Nature astronomy Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41550-023-02183-7

Haldemann, Jonas; Dorn, Caroline; Venturini, Julia; Alibert, Yann; Benz, Willy (2024). BICEPS: An improved characterization model for low- and intermediate-mass exoplanets. Astronomy and astrophysics, 681, A96. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202346965

Singh, V.; Scandariato, G.; Smith, A. M. S.; Cubillos, P. E.; Lendl, M.; Billot, N.; Fortier, A.; Queloz, D.; Sousa, S. G.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Brandeker, A.; Carone, L.; Wilson, T. G.; Akinsanmi, B.; Patel, J. A.; Krenn, A.; Demangeon, O. D. S.; Bruno, G.; Pagano, I.; Hooton, M. J.; ... (2024). CHEOPS observations of KELT-20 b/MASCARA-2 b: An aligned orbit and signs of variability from a reflective day side. Astronomy and astrophysics, 683 EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202347533


Eriksson, Linn E J; Mol Lous, Marit A S; Shibata, Sho; Helled, Ravit (2023). Can Uranus and Neptune form concurrently via pebble, gas, and planetesimal accretion? Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 526(4), pp. 4860-4876. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stad3007

Alonso, R.; Hoyer, S.; Deleuil, M.; Simon, A. E.; Beck, M.; Benz, Willy; Florén, H.-G.; Guterman, P.; Borsato, L.; Brandeker, A.; Gandolfi, D.; Wilson, T. G.; Zingales, T.; Alibert, Yann Daniel Pierre; Anglada, G.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado Navascues, D.; Barros, S. C. C.; Baumjohann, W.; Beck, Thomas; ... (2023). No random transits in CHEOPS observations of HD 139139. Astronomy and astrophysics, 680, A78. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202347779

Meier Valdes, Erik Andreas; Morris, B. M.; Demory, Brice-Olivier; Brandeker, A.; Kitzmann, Daniel; Benz, Willy; Deline, A.; Florén, H.-G.; Sousa, S. G.; Bourrier, V.; Singh, V.; Heng, Kevin; Strugarek, A.; Bower, Daniel James; Jäggi, Noah Victor; Carone, L.; Lendl, M.; Jones, Kathryn Dawn; Oza, Apurva Vikram; Demangeon, O. D. S.; ... (2023). Investigating the visible phase-curve variability of 55 Cnc e. Astronomy and astrophysics, 677, A112. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202346050

Affolter, L.; Mordasini, C.; Oza, A. V.; Kubyshkina, D.; Fossati, L. (2023). Planetary evolution with atmospheric photoevaporation. Astronomy and astrophysics, 676, A119. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202142205

Noti, Pascal A; Lee, Elspeth K H; Deitrick, Russell; Hammond, Mark (2023). Examining NHD versus QHD in the GCM THOR with non-grey radiative transfer for the hot Jupiter regime. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 524(3), pp. 3396-3428. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stad2042

Weder, Jesse Kay Oliver; Mordasini, Christoph; Emsenhuber, Alexandre (2023). Population study on MHD wind-driven disc evolution. Astronomy and astrophysics, 674, A165. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243453

Garai, Z.; Osborn, H. P.; Gandolfi, D.; Brandeker, A.; Sousa, S. G.; Lendl, M.; Bekkelien, A.; Broeg, C.; Cameron, A. Collier; Egger, J. A.; Hooton, M. J.; Alibert, Y.; Delrez, L.; Fossati, L.; Salmon, S.; Wilson, T. G.; Bonfanti, A.; Tuson, A.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Serrano, L. M.; ... (2023). Refined parameters of the HD 22946 planetary system and the true orbital period of planet d. Astronomy and astrophysics, 674, A44. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202345943

Ulmer-Moll, S.; Osborn, H. P.; Tuson, A.; Egger, J. A.; Lendl, M.; Maxted, P.; Bekkelien, A.; Simon, A. E.; Olofsson, G.; Adibekyan, V.; Alibert, Y.; Bonfanti, A.; Bouchy, F.; Brandeker, A.; Fridlund, M.; Gandolfi, D.; Mordasini, C.; Persson, C. M.; Salmon, S.; Serrano, L. M.; ... (2023). TOI-5678b: A 48-day transiting Neptune-mass planet characterized with CHEOPS and HARPS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 674, A43. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202245478

Mishra, Lokesh; Alibert, Yann; Udry, Stéphane; Mordasini, Christoph (2023). Framework for the architecture of exoplanetary systems. I. Four classes of planetary system architecture. Astronomy and astrophysics, 670, A68. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243751

Mishra, Lokesh; Alibert, Yann; Udry, Stéphane; Mordasini, Christoph (2023). Framework for the architecture of exoplanetary systems. II. Nature versus nurture: Emergent formation pathways of architecture classes. Astronomy and astrophysics, 670, A69. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244705

Unterborn, C. T.; Desch, S. J.; Haldemann, J.; Lorenzo, A.; Schulze, J. G.; Hinkel, N. R.; Panero, W. R. (2023). The Nominal Ranges of Rocky Planet Masses, Radii, Surface Gravities, and Bulk Densities. Astrophysical journal, 944(1), p. 42. Institute of Physics Publishing IOP 10.3847/1538-4357/acaa3b

Sulis, S.; Lendl, M.; Cegla, H. M.; Rodríguez Díaz, L. F.; Bigot, L.; Van Grootel, V.; Bekkelien, A.; Cameron, A. Collier; Maxted, P. F. L.; Simon, A. E.; Lovis, C.; Scandariato, G.; Bruno, G.; Nardiello, D.; Bonfanti, A.; Fridlund, M.; Persson, C. M.; Salmon, S.; Sousa, S. G.; Wilson, T. G.; ... (2023). Connecting photometric and spectroscopic granulation signals with CHEOPS and ESPRESSO. Astronomy and astrophysics, 670 EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244223

Schib, O.; Mordasini, C.; Helled, R. (2023). The link between infall location, early disc size, and the fraction of self-gravitationally fragmenting discs. Astronomy and astrophysics, 669, A31. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244789

Emsenhuber, Alexandre; Mordasini, Christoph; Burn, Remo; Burn, Remo (2023). Planetary population synthesis and the emergence of four classes of planetary system architectures. European physical journal - plus, 138(2), p. 181. EDP Sciences 10.1140/epjp/s13360-023-03784-x

Kessler, A.; Alibert, Y. (2023). The interplay between pebble and planetesimal accretion in population synthesis models and its role in giant planet formation. Astronomy and astrophysics, 674, A144. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202245641

Kaufmann, Nicolas; Alibert, Yann (2023). The influence of planetesimal fragmentation on planet formation. Astronomy and astrophysics, 676, A46. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202345901

Marleau, Gabriel-Dominique; Kuiper, Rolf; Béthune, William; Mordasini, Christoph (2023). The Planetary Accretion Shock. III. Smoothing-free 2.5D Simulations and Calculation of Hα Emission. Astrophysical journal, 952(1), p. 89. Institute of Physics Publishing IOP 10.3847/1538-4357/accf12

Psaridi, Angelica; Bouchy, François; Lendl, Monika; Akinsanmi, Babatunde; Stassun, Keivan G.; Smalley, Barry; Armstrong, David J.; Howard, Saburo; Ulmer-Moll, Solène; Grieves, Nolan; Barkaoui, Khalid; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Bryant, Edward M.; Suárez, Olga; Guillot, Tristan; Evans, Phil; Attia, Omar; Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Yee, Samuel W.; Collins, Karen A.; ... (2023). Three Saturn-mass planets transiting F-type stars revealed with TESS and HARPS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 675, A39. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202346406

Brahm, Rafael; Ulmer-Moll, Solène; Hobson, Melissa J.; Jordán, Andrés; Henning, Thomas; Trifonov, Trifon; Jones, Matías I.; Schlecker, Martin; Espinoza, Nestor; Rojas, Felipe I.; Torres, Pascal; Sarkis, Paula; Tala, Marcelo; Eberhardt, Jan; Kossakowski, Diana; Muñoz, Diego J.; Hartman, Joel D.; Boyle, Gavin; Suc, Vincent; Bouchy, François; ... (2023). Three Long-period Transiting Giant Planets from TESS*. The astronomical journal, 165(6), p. 227. American Astronomical Society 10.3847/1538-3881/accadd

Haldemann, Jonas; Ksoll, Victor; Walter, Daniel; Alibert, Yann; Klessen, Ralf S.; Benz, Willy; Koethe, Ullrich; Ardizzone, Lynton; Rother, Carsten (2023). Exoplanet characterization using conditional invertible neural networks. Astronomy and astrophysics, 672, A180. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243230

Khandelwal, Akanksha; Sharma, Rishikesh; Chakraborty, Abhijit; Chaturvedi, Priyanka; Ulmer-Moll, Solène; Ciardi, David R.; Boyle, Andrew W.; Baliwal, Sanjay; Bieryla, Allyson; Latham, David W.; Prasad, Neelam J. S. S. V.; Nayak, Ashirbad; Lendl, Monika; Mordasini, Christoph (2023). Discovery of a massive giant planet with extreme density around the sub-giant star TOI-4603. Astronomy and astrophysics, 672, L7. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202245608

Hobson, Melissa J.; Trifonov, Trifon; Henning, Thomas; Jordán, Andrés; Rojas, Felipe; Espinoza, Nestor; Brahm, Rafael; Eberhardt, Jan; Jones, Matías I.; Mekarnia, Djamel; Kossakowski, Diana; Schlecker, Martin; Tala Pinto, Marcelo; Torres Miranda, Pascal José; Abe, Lyu; Barkaoui, Khalid; Bendjoya, Philippe; Bouchy, François; Buttu, Marco; Carleo, Ilaria; ... (2023). TOI-199 b: A Well-characterized 100 day Transiting Warm Giant Planet with TTVs Seen from Antarctica. The astronomical journal, 166(5), p. 201. American Astronomical Society 10.3847/1538-3881/acfc1d

Emsenhuber, Alexandre; Burn, Remo; Weder, Jesse; Monsch, Kristina; Picogna, Giovanni; Ercolano, Barbara; Preibisch, Thomas (2023). Toward a population synthesis of disks and planets. Astronomy and astrophysics, 673, A78. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244767

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Hinkley, S.; Lacour, S.; Marleau, G.-D.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Wang, J. J.; Kammerer, J.; Cumming, A.; Nowak, M.; Rodet, L.; Stolker, T.; Balmer, W.-O.; Ray, S.; Bonnefoy, M.; Mollière, P.; Lazzoni, C.; Kennedy, G.; Mordasini, C.; Abuter, R.; Aigrain, S.; Amorim, A.; ... (2023). Direct discovery of the inner exoplanet in the HD 206893 system. Astronomy and astrophysics, 671, L5. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244727

Blunt, S.; Balmer, W. O.; Wang, J. J.; Lacour, S.; Petrus, S.; Bourdarot, G.; Kammerer, J.; Pourré, N.; Rickman, E.; Shangguan, J.; Winterhalder, T.; Abuter, R.; Amorim, A.; Asensio-Torres, R.; Benisty, M.; Berger, J. -P.; Beust, H.; Boccaletti, A.; Bohn, A.; Bonnefoy, M.; ... (2023). First VLTI/GRAVITY Observations of HIP 65426 b: Evidence for a Low or Moderate Orbital Eccentricity (arXiv). Cornell University 10.48550/arxiv.2310.00148

Blunt, Sarah; Balmer, W. O.; Wang, J. J.; Lacour, S.; Petrus, S.; Bourdarot, G.; Kammerer, J.; Pourré, N.; Rickman, E.; Shangguan, J.; Winterhalder, T.; Abuter, R.; Amorim, A.; Asensio-Torres, R.; Benisty, M.; Berger, J.-P.; Beust, H.; Boccaletti, A.; Bohn, A.; Bonnefoy, M.; ... (2023). First VLTI/GRAVITY Observations of HIP 65426 b: Evidence for a Low or Moderate Orbital Eccentricity. The astronomical journal, 166(6), p. 257. American Astronomical Society 10.3847/1538-3881/ad06b7

Delrez, L.; Leleu, A.; Brandeker, A.; Gillon, M.; Hooton, Matthew John; Collier Cameron, A.; Deline, A.; Fortier, Andrea; Queloz, D.; Bonfanti, A.; Van Grootel, V.; Wilson, T. G.; Egger, Jo Ann; Alibert, Yann Daniel Pierre; Alonso, R.; Anglada, G.; Asquier, J.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado y Navascues, D.; Barros, S. C. C.; ... (2023). Refining the properties of the TOI-178 system with CHEOPS and TESS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 678, A200. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202245479

Shibaike, Y.; Alibert, Y. (2023). Planetesimal formation at the gas pressure bump following a migrating planet. Astronomy and astrophysics, 678 EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202346126

Patel, J. A.; Egger, J. A.; Wilson, T. G.; Bourrier, V.; Carone, L.; Beck, M.; Ehrenreich, D.; Sousa, S. G.; Benz, W.; Brandeker, A.; Deline, A.; Alibert, Y.; Lam, K. W. F.; Lendl, M.; Alonso, R.; Anglada, G.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado, D.; Barros, S. C. C.; Baumjohann, W.; ... (2023). CHEOPS and TESS view of the ultra-short-period super-Earth TOI-561 b. Astronomy and astrophysics, 679, A92. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244946


Christie, Duncan A.; Lee, Elspeth K. H.; Innes, Hamish; Noti, Pascal Andreas; Charnay, Benjamin; Fauchez, Thomas J.; Mayne, Nathan J.; Deitrick, Russell; Ding, Feng; Greco, Jennifer J.; Hammond, Mark; Malsky, Isaac; Mandell, Avi; Rauscher, Emily; Roman, Michael T.; Sergeev, Denis E.; Sohl, Linda; Steinrueck, Maria E.; Turbet, Martin; Wolf, Eric T.; ... (2022). CAMEMBERT: A Mini-Neptunes General Circulation Model Intercomparison, Protocol Version 1.0.A CUISINES Model Intercomparison Project. The planetary science journal, 3(11), p. 261. IOP Publishing 10.3847/PSJ/ac9dfe

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Damasso, M.; Perger, M.; Almenara, J. M.; Nardiello, D.; Pérez-Torres, M.; Sozzetti, A.; Hara, N. C.; Quirrenbach, A.; Bonfils, X.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Astudillo-Defru, N.; González Hernández, J. I.; Suárez Mascareno, A.; Amado, P. J.; Forveille, T.; Lillo-Box, J.; Alibert, Y.; Caballero, J. A.; Cifuentes, C.; Delfosse, X.; ... (2022). A quarter century of spectroscopic monitoring of the nearby M dwarf Gl 514. A super-Earth on an eccentric orbit moving in and out of the habitable zone. Astronomy and astrophysics, 666(A187), A187. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243522

Schib, O.; Mordasini, C.; Helled, R. (2022). Calibrated gas accretion and orbital migration of protoplanets in 1D disc models. Astronomy and astrophysics, 664, A138. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202141904

Schlecker, M.; Burn, R.; Sabotta, S.; Seifert, A.; Henning, Th.; Emsenhuber, A.; Mordasini, C.; Reffert, S.; Shan, Y.; Klahr, H. (2022). RV-detected planets around M dwarfs: Challenges for core accretion models. Astronomy and astrophysics, 664, A180. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202142543

Guzmán-Mesa, Andrea; Kitzmann, Daniel; Mordasini, Christoph; Heng, Kevin (2022). Chemical diversity of the atmospheres and interiors of sub-Neptunes: a case study of GJ 436 b. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 513(3), pp. 4015-4036. Blackwell Publishing Ltd 10.1093/mnras/stac1066

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